Six Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Woman in Escape Walk-in TubFew things are better than a warm bath after a long day, soothing an exhausted body and mind. We humans have enjoyed soaking in warm water for hundreds of years, but we now have a growing number of studies to support the health benefits that we’ve essentially known all along.

And best of all, we now have bathtubs that provide safe bathing solutions for people with limited mobility. Walk-in bathtubs offer a luxurious experience that not only can revitalize your soul, but provide noticeable health and lifestyle advantages as well. Here are six benefits of a walk-in tub that nearly everyone can appreciate.

  • SOOTHES MUSCLES AND JOINTS – Many walk-in tubs are equipped with air and water jets, which offer two different relaxing techniques. Air jets surround you with millions of tiny bubbles that gently massage every part of your body, while the water jets target specific areas of your body for a deeper massage experience. You control the flow and frequency of the air and water jets independently to suit your preferences. Furthermore, your body weighs 90% less when submerged in water, easing pressure on joints, ligaments and muscles that normally don’t receive relief. Walk-in tubs are ideal for those with arthritis, back pain and other joint or muscle conditions, and studies have shown that people who use hydrotherapy as treatment use fewer medications to mitigate their pain.
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION – The warm, soothing water from a walk-in tub improves circulation by opening capillaries near the skin’s surface, increasing blood flow and oxygenation. This helps relieve a variety of ailments, and the increased blood circulation helps remove toxins while improving digestion and metabolic functions.
  • REDUCES STRESS – Soaking in a walk-in bathtub that circulates millions of tiny bubbles around your body will help dissolve stress from even your most challenging days. It also stimulates your body to release endorphins, the body’s natural chemicals that help counteract the effects of stress. Warm water massage has also been shown to relieve headache pain, especially from tension headaches. The circulation and warmth of a walk-in tub encourages your body to unwind and relax on its own.
  • IMPROVES SLEEP PATTERNS – Almost everyone experiences difficulty sleeping at some point in their lives. A warm bath is an effective home remedy that releases muscle tension and relaxes your entire body, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep. And the slight rise in body temperature has shown that sleep comes sooner to those who soak in a walk-in bathtub before bedtime.
  • INCREASES INDEPENDENCE – While nearly everyone appreciates the benefits of soaking in a warm bath, not everyone has the mobility to do so. A walk-in bathtub makes safe bathing and hydrotherapy a possibility for many people who otherwise are unable or unwilling to take a bath in a traditional tub. Low thresholds, textured non-slip floors, safety bars, comfortable seats and ergonomic faucet and jet system controls allow you to safely take the bath you’ve been dreaming of.
  • PROVIDES VERSATILITY – A walk-in bathtub doesn’t have to be for soaking only. Our walk-in tubs can be equipped with a hand-held shower system, enabling you to sit down and shower for everyday bathing needs. Simply sit in your walk-in bathtub, leave the drain open, and use the hand-held shower to rinse as you would in a traditional shower stall.

At Best Bath Showroom, we offer four walk-in tub models—Best Bath’s Escape, Liberty, Escape Plus and BigE—each with different dimensions but all available with water and air jets. Plus, each model can be customized to your needs and bathroom décor. Bring the spa to your home and start enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy and air massage with a luxurious Best Bath walk-in tub!

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