Shower Kits Save Time and Money

Recently, we had a client suddenly need a walk-in shower kit for her elderly father. Her dad was scheduled to move in within a matter of days, so the clock was ticking to provide her with a safe and cost-effective yet attractive and lasting shower solution. She needed a walk-in shower, and she needed it as soon as possible.

With included accessories and one-day manufacturing times on specific models, Best Bath’s Shower Package units provide the efficiency and savings when people need it most.

Depending on the package, Best Bath shower kits come with the following accessories:

Shower Package 10

Besides providing hundreds of dollars in savings and free shipping within the US and Canada, we deliver Best Bath shower kits with quick turnaround times and expedited delivery options.

Shower kits are based on Best Bath’s most popular shower configurations for simplicity and convenience, yet still give you options, such as color and dimensions, to make your new shower system unique to your home and needs.

Ultimately, our client ordered, received and installed her Best Bath shower kit before her dad even arrived, far surpassing her expectations of the entire process during an already-stressful time. At Best Bath Showroom, you can count on us to be sensitive to your needs while delivering a prompt and attractive safe bathing solution.

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